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100W waterproof driver

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Product Abstract:

input : 170~264VAC. output : DC12V / 8.3A DC24V/ 4.17

Product Description
t Dc Voltage 12V 24V
Rated Current 8.3A 4.17A
Current Range 0~8.3A 0~4.17A
Rated Power 100W 100W
Ripple&Noise(Max) 300mV 300mV
Voltage Tolerance ±5% ±5%
Setup,Rise Time 100ms/220VAC
Hold Up Time(Typ.) 80ms/220VAC
Input Voltage Range 170~264VAC
Frequency Range 47~60Hz
Power Factor(Typ) PF>0.6/220VAC
Efficiency(Typ) 83% 83%
Ac Current(Typ) 0.85A /235V
Inrush Current(Typ) Cold-start current 1.0A/235V
Protection Short Circuit Protection type:recovers automatically after fault conditions is removed
Overlaod Overload protection@145~160%above peak rating
Over Temperature protection typer:shut down o/p voltage.re-power on to recover
Environment Working Temp -30~ +60℃(Refer to output load derating curve)
Working Humidity 20~90%RH no-condensing (Waterproof)
Storage -20~ +60℃、10~90%RH
Temp Humidity
Safety&Emc Safety Standards CE Mark(LVD),IP67
Withstand Voltage I/P-O/P:3KVAC/60S  I/P-GND:1.5KVAC/60S
Emc Test Standards EN55015:2006+A1:2007+A2:2009                                   EN6100-3-2:2006+A2:2009                                                    EN6100-3-3:2008           
Size: 160/187x68x40mm
NOTE 1.All parameters NOT specially mentioned are measured at 220VAC input,rated laod and 25℃ of ambient temperature.
2.Ripple&noise are measured at 20MHz of bandwidth by using a12''twisted pair-wire terminated with a 0.1uf&10uf parallel capacitor.
3.Tolerance:includes set up tolerance,line regulation and load regulation.

For more information, please download the attached Specification.

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