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12V1.5A US Plug Adapter

  • 12V1.5A US Plug Adapter

Product Description


CE FCC RoHS etc Safety approvals standard

IC chip design,employing the principle of primary-side regulation,has the characteristics of CC/CV and strong loading capacity,According to different equipment needs,can be flexible adjustment in the aspect of the output.Attractive in price and quality,has a high cost performance



  1. 100% IC chip, excellent performance, stable and reliable
  2. 100% new electron component,good product with all my heart
  3. 100% full ampere,selling at expressly marked price,refuse to sham
  4. 100% aging test,high standard quality inspection, high quality guarantee
  5. Constant voltage, overload, short circuit multiple protection,safer and more comfortable
  6. various types of DC connector, collocation is more flexible, suitable for more products, home and travel necessities
  7. Appearance of classic fashion, consumer awareness is high, the market reception is more popular, solid choice of popular items
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